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A Burst of Charisma

Fragrance has the power to change your mood. If you are feeling tired, it can revive you…

Hearty and brash, Prada l’Homme Intense is simply a designer that is impossible to ignore.
This is quite a signature scent that stands you out, creating an illusion of luxury.

Dominated by Iris in its head note, it also hints of black pepper. As well as yuzu citrus adding buttery essence to it with a touch of spice.
The head notes quickly fades to the earthiness of the patchouli with a hint of Cardamon Spice.

These notes interact with the yuzu citrus, releasing a kind of bubblegum aroma. An additional touch of violet produces a floral scent which echoes the Iris.

The base is influenced by a very gourmand note of tonka bean, some sandalwood and guaiacwood.

The Sandalwood is characterized by this distinctive warm woodiness that is quite familiar to most people.
The guaiacwood on the other hand delivers hints of a leathery woody note.

The guaiacwood also reacts with tonka bean to create something that is quite heavy and resinous in character.

Longevity of Prada l’Homme Intense is generally ok, you would want to top it up in the afternoon if you had worn it in the morning.

Although a lot of people thinks that this could be stronger but quite a number do love the fact that it is fresh and warm, both elements combining together to create a truly energized aroma.

Prada l’Homme Intense is better appreciated by younger men possibly in their twenties than folks in their late thirties and above.

This fragrance is well suited for the colder months, as it will feel too heavy or sticky for warmer climate.

What time of the day should a dude put on this fragrance? I will say this is a particular evening or night time scent suitable for a romantic or casual outing.

Therefore this is an ideal scent to put on when going on a late date especially in the winter.
Although Prada l’Homme Intense is clean but it’s also brash and spicy which is why it may not be advisable to wear it to the office.

This is a fragrance that women would find attractive on men. It’s a strongly masculine scent.

The bottle design form a semi-circular shape fitting nicely in the hand. And the atomizer works very well producing a thick mist.

Prada l’Homme Intense has been around for a while managing to gain a very good reputation. As an excellent Choice for younger men who desire to step out on a casual or romantic date on a winter night.

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