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A Dazzling Trail That Evokes Pleasant Feelings

Louis Vuitton Etoile Filante, the new rave of the moment is a floral fruity fragrance for women.

This classic designer which translates as “the shooting star” portrays radiant future for the stylish woman.

Launched in 2021, this almost aquatic fragrance makes you feel inspired and motivated to turn your dreams into reality.

Developed by Master Perfumer Jacques Cavalier Belletrud, this precious scent is said to stand for a sweet nectar that connects one with one’s senses.

Headed by light notes of Sun-ripened juicy strawberries. This opening head notes fades to reveal a naturally fruity fragrance of peach and Cassis from the Osmanthus flower.

Which is further amplified with a velvety touch of jasmine and then the vibrant, rich, creamy Magnolia. To complete the heart or middle note.

The base note of white musk compliments this blend in a mask of softness. That tenderly caresses the skin adding a lot of expansiveness to it.

Louis Vuitton Etoile Filante has an uncommon longevity that last for about 10-12 hours.
This Eau de Parfum which is categorized as a niche perfume contains 15-20% of perfume oil content.

Etoile Filante is a signature spring fragrance best suited for warm weather. As with all the fragrances from the stables of Louis Vuitton. Etoile Filante is a combination of classic and innovation.

It’s actually a fragrance that’s worth the hunt.

Louis Vuitton’s slogan for this floral fragrance “Experience a journey of light” Is a concept that portrays light through fragrance.

Light is a lot like scent. You can’t touch it but it’s presence is undeniable.

You totally ignore it when it’s there but miss it when it’s gone.

This classic for women is best worn during the day. Preferably during office hours.

It’s slightly sweet and almost powdery scent is a combination that can easily be waved off as old fashioned.

While Louis Vuitton prides itself as a distinctive brand. It’s latest addition will have to prove itself in the long term. To convince the fragrance community to embrace this enchanting piece.


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