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Another wearable fragrance from the stables of Acqua di Parma. Cedro di Taormina is fast establishing itself as one of the favourite summer fragrance.

Released in 2016, this summer and spring fragrance is one of the Blue Mediterraneo collection that has scent in it’s fold inspired by Citrus grooves in each layer of the fragrance.

Cedro di Taormina smacks of a top class quality that reflects the quality found in all Acqua di Parma stables. Little wonder it’s easily loved by many.

Head notes of this lovely fragrance is Citrus. You’ll notice that this is cut gently with petitgrain and basil. As the head begins to settle, you’ll also notice the black pepper. And lavender quickly replacing the sharpness of the citrus.

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The woodiness from vetiver and cedar. Which is a fan favourite. And the leathery note of labdanum rounds up the base notes. Adding depth to the sophistication of scent.
Though Cedro di Taormina does settle down quickly. This eau de toilette last throughout the day.

Well received and loved by the fragrance community. There are quite a handful of people that don’t like the fragrance. But it does boil down to the way it sits on different people’s skin, rather than the actual scent.

As a spring and summer fragrance with the warmth of the citrus. Lending themselves to warm weather. The fragrance is more suited for more casual days, though it can also be worn to the office over summer.

The base notes comprising of cedar. Vetiver and labdanum reveals why this fragrance is regarded as a masculine scent. That is most fitting for men in their twenties. And thirties because of its lighter and spicy notes.

The bottle containing Cedro di Taormina denotes iconic features. Emulating the blue water and sky found in Taormina. And the atomizer sprays a sizeable amount of mist.
Generally, this fragrance is of great value.

Though production of this fragrance is discontinued, you’ll still find it on Amazon and Fragrance X.

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