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Richly elegant and classic, Guerlain Habit Rouge is quite a sensation that has defied ages since it was introduced. Perfect for anyone who loves style, it sends a clear signal that the wearer is sensual in every way possible.

Guerlain Habit Rouge is a timeless fragrance and a must-have in your collection, however, it’s not the best choice for those inclined toward modern fragrances.

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Guerlain Habit Rouge which was first launched in 1965 as a eau de toilette and will have the Eau de Parfum version released in addition nearly four decades later was the creation of Jean-Paul Guerlain himself.

This overall woody oriental amber fragrance gently opens with a balanced mixture of bergamot, some fresh basil, and some fragrant rosewood as its head note.

As the head note makes way, you will discover a more floral mixture of rose and jasmine and then some earthy patchouli and a hint of sandalwood woodiness that rounds up the heart notes.

At this point, the powdery aspect of the fragrance which is a very important part of Guerlain’s DNA is revealed.

As you get to the base you will discover the musky presence of labdanum, accompanied by some resinous benzoin, hence the oriental aspect. Finally, a touch of grassy oak moss and some vanilla adds a sweet element to the whole composition, wrapping up the base note. The longevity of this fragrance is moderate for you will probably want to top it up in the mid-afternoon if worn in the morning.

The good thing about this fragrance is that you can pretty much wear this fragrance throughout the year due to its versatile nature though it's advisable not to wear it when the weather is particularly hot.

Generally, it’s best suited for the colder months.

This fragrance is one that suits those in their thirties and above as they are quite drawn to its distinctive scent but people in their twenties and teens will not particularly appreciate this fragrance as they regard it as being outdated though they respect what it represents.

Guerlain Habit Rouge is a formal fragrance, it’s elegant profile makes it best suited for office hours. It is strongly masculine though there are women who might want to try it out. Guerlain Habit Rouge is arguably a timeless fragrance………..a must-have in your closet!!!!!

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