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The Woody Oriental Amber Eau De Parfum That Identifies With Elegance and Masculinity

The interesting thing about l’Envol de Cartier is its unusual qualities that is often overlooked.
Qualities that exudes elegance which contradicts its otherwise simple look.
Thus it is reasonably popular as there seems to be a universal agreement in the fragrance community, That l’Envol is generally pleasant.

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Released in 2016. L’Envol de Cartier, arguably described as an embracing fragrance. Was developed by Mathilde Laurent who is an in-house perfumer for Cartier. And has also worked on numerous other fragrances.
Opening top notes of this woody amber oriental fragrance comprises wormwood. Some sage and some lavender, which is quite refreshing.
The real qualities of l’Envol evolves. As its opening head notes fades to reveal a succulent and embracing honey and quaiacwood accord.
A soft touch of violet completes the heart note that is quite dominated by the combination of honey and quaiacwood.
The enduring nature of quaiacwood ensures that the heart note lasts quite a while. All through to the base.
The succulent and syrupy qualities of honey note will subside at the base. Giving way to patchouli and vetiver which are major components of the base notes of l’Envol.
This combination briefly help to promote and extend the potency of violet. Revealing a more herbaceous nature rather than floral.
Longevity of this Eau de Parfum is average. Though it performs well yet you’ll still need to top it up if you desire to wear it throughout the day.
With regards to its seasonality, this fragrance is best suited for the winter months.
L’Envol is certainly not suited for the summer. As it doesn’t have the right amount of freshness to be worn during that season.
As a fragrance that is quite flexible it could be worn all day. Much more on a cold winter’s day.
If your desire is to project yourself as a reassuring and confident figure. Then you need not think twice to have l’Envol close by as it is perceived to be best suited for a professional environment.

L’Envol de Cartier is exclusively an office fragrance.
It is a mature fragrance worn by men mostly in their thirties or older. Thus it is regarded as a masculine fragrance though it is not overly strong.
Often overlooked by those characteristically loud. L’Envol de Cartier is an understated yet sophisticated fragrance that exudes style and elegance.
A safe brand for a romantic evening. But overall, l’Envol would prove to be the perfect brand for any man. Who seeks to stand out in the ideal world……..

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